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Acclaim for Neeme Järvi in Chicago

Standing in for Esa-Pekka Salonen on May 23rd, 24th and 25th, Neeme Järvi conducted a rapturously received performance of Mahler's Symphony no.2 with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, soprano Mari Eriksmoen and mezzo-soprano Karen Cargill.

“Järvi, CSO scale the heights with a resounding Mahler “Resurrection”

...conductor Neeme Järvi led the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in a dramatic, gleaming and aptly spectacular performance of the “Resurrection” symphony...

There was nothing frail or tentative about the taut, dramatic performance led by the venerable conductor, who directed the music vigorously, from the forceful opening violin tremolo and whipcrack statement of the emphatic main theme by cellos and basses...

Järvi handled the when-worlds-collide finale with a veteran’s unruffled aplomb, giving the fanfares and alarums atmospheric impact and deftly handling the on- and offstage excursions of the extra brass players. The hushed entrance of the chorus at “Auferstehen” was duly magical, glowing and textured...

The conductor built the epic final movement inexorably to a truly imposing and majestic coda of confidence in life after death. The chorus, soloists, chiming bells, and eleven horns with bells up—a striking visual—all combined for a triumphant and uplifting finale..."

(Lawrence A. Johnson, Chicago Classical Review, 24th May 2024)

“The Chicago Symphony Orchestra performs “Resurrection”... a towering musical event

On May 23 Maestro Neeme Järvi conducted a stunning performance of Mahler's Symphony no.2...

The conductor had a deliberate and controlled hand at the helm, with lyrical yet well-paced gestures, intimate with the orchestra...

Orchestra Hall was sold out; the audience beforehand buzzing with anticipation, and afterwards the building rang for many minutes with the sound of standing ovation and cheers..."

(Debra Davy, Splash Magazines, 25th May 2024)

Neeme Järvi conducts Chicago Symphony Orchestra with soprano Mari Eriksmoen, mezzo-soprano

Karen Cargill and guest chorus director James Bass on 23rd May 2024 in Chicago. All photographs ©

Nuccio DiNuzzo 2024.


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